Kensington protective fly boots (pair)


Effective and comfortable boots for fly & sun protection. Also great for covering leg sores, wounds etc. 

Why we chose them

  • Robust & effective: made from 2000x1000 denier Textilene, blocks biting insects and 73% of UV rays
  • Carefully designed for comfort:
  • Breathable: protects while avoiding excess heat build-up
    - Fleece trim to help prevent rubs
    - Incorporates Kensington's 'stay-up' technology that helps keep boots upright and in place
    - Contoured with 3 Velcro straps, helps prevent twisting and provides a secure fit
  • Versatile: breathable fabric makes them suitable to protect wounds & sores as well as for fly & sun protection

    Comes in three colours and in Large (best size for most sport horses) and Medium (for smaller horses with shorter/thinner legs) 


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