Fenwick Liquid Titanium quarter sheet


Lighweight therapeutic sheet covering the hind quarters: made from Fenwick's Liquid Titanium fabric

Why we chose it:

  • Effective: Aids in relaxation of the muscles in the back and hind quarters
  • Practical: Works equally well on a wet or dry horse, can be left on without breaks, machine wash &

    Sizing: Comes in medium (45" withers to tail) and large (48").  Colour: black (note: pictured colour is grey)

    Note on Liquid Titanium:  Liquid Titanium fabric is proven to generate warmth and boost circulation, making it an ideal therapeutic covering. See the pictures below showing heat-maps of a horse before and after 30mins' wearing of a Liquid Titanium sheet.



    After 30 mins.' wear

    For more information on Liquid Titanium click on the "More about Liquid Titanium" link below.


     More about Liquid Titanium  More reviews


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